Riga Hardcourt Bike Polo


Bike Polo OPEN Tournament – 1st stage

Bike Polo OPEN Tournament – 1st stage



Registration of participants: 15:00

Game starts: 16:00

More :

Contests for visitors;

Bike polo photo exhibition;

Bike Polo test court;

Bike trial – Karters.

Afterparty – „Ruļļu cīņas” at MiiT, 21:00


Bike Polo Winter Fest

First Bike polo Indor competition!

This will be a challenge, so you’re welcome to you too!

Thanks to all supporters, bystanders, and of course riders.
Altogether there were 11 teams, 22 players.
Played for 6 hours.

Thanks: PicaLulu, UzvelcKreklu, RedBull, Domātājs, Velozaurs, MiiT Works, MiiT, and Riga Bike Polo .



1.Place – Endziņš & Ēriks Caune

2.Place – Malders & Ģirts Arājs

3.Place – Šusts & Kristians Andersons

And here is a photo

New logo for Riga Bike Polo

Riga bike polo in indoor

GP Foto

Bike polo Grand Prix



Date: 24.09.2011
Time: 15:00
Place: at Grizinkalns

Velo polo court.

PIETEIKŠANĀS līdz 24.09, 15:00pl vai arī uz miit@miit.lv

Velo Polo Grand Prix Sezonās izspēle!!!

Polo players

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